Purity Patient Advocates

Purity Patient Advocates help vulnerable individuals navigate their healthcare with confidence. They came to us with their vision, and we helped them pick a memorable name, design their logo, and develop their website. Purity Patient Advocates launched in September of 2021 and has since begun collecting leads and servicing clients with their website.

Review from Purity Patient Advocates

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"Chris designed a very attractive website for my new patient advocacy practice. My website's ocean theme is ideal for my target audience. It is very calming and appealing. Chris also came up with my company name, which I love! Chris is very easy to work with (collaborates well) and always contacts me quickly when I need him. This is the first time I have started a business, and am extremely excited that my website is so appealing! Several of my friends have viewed my new website and love the design! I am so glad I found Chris and would recommend him to any new business owner who wants someone experienced with Wix!"
Sarah Zesh

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