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Facebook PPC strategies for higher website traffic

As most ad platforms bill on the CPC (cost-per-click) basis, the term PPC has become synonymous with online advertising in general.

Is Facebook also a PPC platform?

The best-known PPC advertising platform is Google Ads while Facebook, in reality, offers more billing options than pay-per-click.

When setting up ads in the Facebook Ads Manager, you’re able to select whether you’d like to pay based on 1000 ad impressions or per link click (CPC).

🚀 Facebook PPC strategies for higher website traffic

Who wouldn’t want to have more people visiting their website?

More visitors = more leads = more sales = profit. 💰

Well-designed and -written Facebook ads can be a great source for additional website traffic. It’s also an efficient channel for building brand awareness as Facebook’s algorithms are on top of the game when it comes to finding people interested in your brand and product.

What about Instagram PPC? Instagram is part of the Facebook ad network, so when setting up a Facebook ad campaign, we recommend that you always keep on the Instagram placements. The visual content-oriented social media platform is quickly catching up with Facebook in user engagement.

Set up a Facebook Traffic campaign that leads to your home page

The most common Facebook ad strategy for bringing additional traffic to your website is a simple Traffic campaign that leads people to your website once they click on your ad.

Usually, brands use the Traffic ads to bring a high volume of new users either to their home page or specific landing pages and later set up remarketing ads to convert the visitors into customers.

If you’re intending to send people to your website’s home page, make sure that there’s a clear call to action on what they’re supposed to do next. In Upwork’s case, they’re leading people to fill in a sign-up form to start hiring freelancers.

In Linear Design, we recommend our clients to run Facebook Traffic campaigns if the goal is to create brand awareness. If you want to get people to buy a specific service or product, it’s more effective to direct your ad traffic to specific landing pages.

This leads us to the next Facebook PPC strategy…

How much do Facebook ads cost?

You can run ads on Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network on any budget. Some people spend more on coffee each day than they do on their advertising campaigns. The exact cost associated with your ad being shown to someone is determined in our ad auction. Learn how pricing works for our ads and how to set a budget that works for you.

How do I purchase ads?

The most common way to purchase ads for Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network is through our ad management tool, Ads Manager. You purchase ads by creating an ad and submitting it to our ad auction.

You're always in charge.

You set your budget and bid. We’ll never spend more than your max.

Get results on any budget.

Ads are shown to people who are likely to be interested, so you get results.

Pay for the actions you want.

Choose your objective – impressions, conversions – and only pay for those.

Submit your ad to the Facebook ad auction.

The ad auction determines which ads should be shown to which people. Using information that you provide in the ad creation process, the auction shows your ad to the people who are most likely to be interested in it – for the price that you bid or less, and never higher.

In the ad creation process, you set parameters that the auction will use to deliver your ad to people, including:


You set your advertising budget – a total amount that you want to spend daily or over the course of the campaign – and can edit it at any time. You also set a bid – the maximum amount that you’re willing to pay when someone sees your ad or takes your desired action.


You also choose who you want to see your ad. You can use demographics, such as age, gender and current cities, to connect with people, or things such as interests, devices or past actions.


Finally, you decide how you want your ad to look. You can use text, images and videos to capture people’s attention. Once you’ve created your ad, it goes to our ad auction, where it will start being shown to people.

Get precise control over your campaign costs.

For ad campaigns aimed at more than 200,000 people, reach and frequency buying gives you predictable and controlled ad delivery at a locked price. Choose how many people see your ads, how often and even the order in which they see them – and plan out those details up to six months in advance.

You’ll also know how far your money goes. Reach and frequency shows you the exact budget you need to reach your intended audience. Once your ads have been set up, it will deliver your ads at the price you booked.

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